メダル オブ オナー - Medal of Honor (2010)



Gunfighters ブリーフィング

Gunfighter 11: Bravo One Six, perimeter is secure. Have a good one.
Bravo One Sixへ、周辺を確保。よい1日を。

Gunfighter 11: 06, breaking right on heading 270.
06,右急旋回 方位270へ。

Corporal Hernandez: Hey! Gunfighter 11! We love you! Where you going?
なあ! Gunfighter 11! 皆君のことを愛してるぜ! どこにいくんだ?

Gunfighter 06: Here we go...

Corporal Hernandez: Don't go!

Gunfighter 11: Happens every time,. Those boys were ten seconds from meeting their maker and still...

Gunfighter 06: 11, you just don't understand the brain of a warrior.

Gunfighter 11: Brain?

Gunfighters 序盤

1514 hrs.
Shahikot Valley, Grid 15109160
CPT. Brad "Hawk" Hawkins
1st BN, 2nd Aviation Regt.

Bagram: Bagram, Gunfighter 06. Objective Betty is secure. Looks like our boys getting out of there. AFO Wolfpack is reporting mortar positions on "The Whale." We're ready to locate and engage those targets.

Gunfighter 06: Gunfighter 06, Bagram. Confirm- en route "The Whale." What's your EAT?

Bagram: Bagram we are thirty seconds out.

Gunfighter 06: Gunfighter 06, roger. Wolfpack has targets identified. Take all guidance from Panther on line-ofsights frequency.

Gunfighter 06: Gunfighter 11, we took some fire back there. Be advised we are test firing our thirty mill.

Gunfighter 06: Thirty millimeter is operational.

Gunfighter 11: Gunfighter 06, we are clear.

Gunfighter 11: Gunfighter 06, Gunfighter 11, ten seconds to destination.

Gunfighter 11: Check the rockets.

Gunfighter 06: Now try the rockets.

Gunfighter 11: Keep your eyes open.,we're here.

Gunfighter 11: Gunfighter 06, I've got movement at twelve. Do you have visual?

Gunfighter 06: Gunfighter 11 contact. Switching to TADS.

Gunfighter 11: Range to target 2500 meters.

Gunfighter 06: 11, let's keep a safe distance here and engage with hellfire.

Gunfighter 06: 11, we've got a few locals hanging out, twelve o'clock. What are these guys up to?

Gunfighter 11: 06, I don't like these guys.

Gunfighter 11: Wait, what's that guy doing? Where's he going?

Gunfighter 06: 11, keep your eyes on that guy.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I'm going to mark that position for you.

Gunfighter 11: Hang on. That's an AK. These guys are armed.

Gunfighter 06: Gunfighter 11, confirm you saw a weapon.

Gunfighter 11: Affirmative, he shouldered a weapon. Those are bad guys.

Gunfighter 06: Wolfpack 1, Gunfighter 06. We have visual of several armed individuals at grid 151916.

Gunfighter 11: Let's go let's go. Let's take 'em out.

Gunfighter 11: Mortars, Mortars. These are the guys. Are we clear to engage?

Panther: Gunfighter 06, Panther, those are enemy targets. You are cleared to engage. No friendlies in the area. Happy hunting.

Gunfighter 06: Fire, fire, fire.

Gunfighter 06: There goes one, follow him.

Gunfighter 06: Use youre hellfires, it's easier.

Gunfighter 06: All three mortars are still firing.

Gunfighter 06: You have to fire a hellfire to neutralize those mortar positions.

Gunfighter 06: Missile off the rall.

Gunfighter 06: Missile away!

Gunfighter 06: That's one. Let's find the other two.

Gunfighter 06: Mortar crew on your screen.

Gunfighter 06: Two down. Let's find that last one.

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, slave to 11's target. Do you have visual?

Gunfighter 06: Where's he off to? Keep your eyes on him.

Gunfighter 06: Come on, Hawk, let's find that last one.

Gunfighter 06: Got 'em!

Gunfighter 06: Tally, mortars. Kill 'em.

Gunfighter 06: Bagram, Gunfighter 06. BDA to follow. Approximately two dozen personnel and three mortars destroyed.

Bagram: Gunfighter 06, mission accomplished. Request you proceed on heading 280.

Gunfighter 06: Bagram, proceeding on-whoa- what was that? Gunfighter 11, did you see that?

Gunfighter 11: 06, tally. Technicals, moving to the northeast.

Gunfighter 06: Looks like they're in a hurry, too.

Gunfighter 11: Shit. We are out of range.

Gunfighter 06: Lost 'em. They went behind that ridge.

Bagram: Gunfighter 11, backing out of TADS.

Gunfighter 11: Bagram, do you have a visual on vehicles at our grid?

Bagram: Gunfighter 06, affirmative. We've got three trucks heading toward a village two klicks north of Vabulkhel.

Gunfighter 06: Those are our guys.

Bagram: Gunfighter 06, intel declared that village cold, but Predator is showing weapons in those vehicles. You are clear to engage.

Gunfighter 06: Bagram WILCO. 11, let's go low low, zero two, zero, three.

Gunfighter 11: Low-low, zero-two, zero-three, confirmed.

Gunfighter 06: Let's go get 'em.

Gunfighter 06: 11 W.A.S. thirty millimeter. We have visual of weapons in the bed of the trucks. Let's get noisy.

Gunfighter 11: 06, roger. Going switches hot. Gunfighter 11, firing thirty mike mike.

Gunfighter 11: 06, the other technicals are headed into the village. Let's light 'em up.

Gunfighter 06: 11, are those guys from that truck?

Gunfighter 11: Affirmative. Targets on the right. Engaging.

Gunfighter 11: 06, breaking right, come back and put some rounds down on those targets.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you are clear. Covering your break. Bagram, we have targets moving into the village. Are we clear to engage the village?

Bagram: Gunfighter 11, Bagram, village is confirmed Taliban armory. You are cleared hot on all targets.

Gunfighter 11: 06, multiple individuals in that courtyard.

Gunfighter 06: 11, tally. We're on your six. Those guys were already here. Those trucks didn't bring them.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I'm taking fire from below.

Gunfighter 06: These guys are peppering me.

Gunfighter 11: Shit. I got tagged. Wait- RPG. South end of the village.

Gunfighter 06: RPG! RPG! Shit!

Gunfighter 06: Nice shot, hawk.

Gunfighter 06: Yeah, you're taking RPG fire. Targets, twelve o'clock. I'm going right over the village. 11, take them out as I pass.

Gunfighter 11: WILCO. God these guys are stupid.

Gunfighter 06: That was a bad idea. Get the guys with the RPGs. I'm not worried about the AK fire.

Gunfighter 06: RPG! Three guys at the top of the hill. Take 'em out.

Gunfighters 中盤

Gunfighter 11: Uh, Gunfighter 06, I need you. Where'd you go?

Gunfighter 06: We are coming back around by that bridge. Targets on the right, Hawk.

Gunfighter 11: Good, because I got guys coming out of huts, trucks, rocks-- it's a goddamm jamboree down there.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you are taking damage. Don't go over the village, stay on the periphery.

Gunfighter 11: 06, forget the targets, just go hot on the whole damn village.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you are too low.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you're blocking our shot.

Gunfighter 11: Shit! RPG!

Gunfighter 06: Damn. 11, you okay?

Gunfighter 11: Affirmative. I'm operational.

Gunfighter 06: Whoa, that was too close. We got targets at eleven o'clock.

Gunfighter 06: 11, we've got squirters out of that hut.

Gunfighter 11: 06 tally. Engaging.

Gunfighter 06: 11, another RPG! Get that guy.

Gunfighter 11: This is cold? There are targets everywhere.

Gunfighter 11: Great burst, great burst. Tango uniform. What is going on here?

Gunfighter 06: Whoa, there's your answer. This was an ammo dump.

Gunfighter 11: 06, we have a few squirters.

Gunfighter 06: Tally. Hawk, get 'em.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you're smoking pretty bad.

Gunfighter 11: Yeah, that last RPG thwacked us pretty good. I have a master caution and negative thirry millimeter, say again, no gun.

Gunfighter 06: What's your pucker factor? We still have active targets on "The Whale."

Gunfighter 11: I've got noticeable shake in the controls, but it'd be a shame to BTR with those targets.

Gunfighter 06: What are you thinking?

Gunfighter 11: Well, your gun is operational. Let's try hunter killer.

Gunfighter 06: That's training exercise. These are real world targets.

Gunfighter 11: It's simple. I mark targets, you kill targets. Just mark sure you do it on the first pass. I'm almost at bingo.

Gunfighter 06: WILCO.

Gunfighter 06: 11, switching to TADS. Let's sync weapons.

Gunfighter 11: WILCO. Switching to TADS.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I have target. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: 11, good mail.

Gunfighter 06: That's a mortar crew.

Gunfighter 11: Let's gto get 'em.

Gunfighter 06: Roger. Backing out of TADS.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I am single engine. Going low.

Gunfighter 06: 11, I am four roter discs behind you. Seach for targets.

Gunfighter 11: Here we go! Targets-- eleven o'clock! Top of that ridge! Too close for hellfire!

Gunfighter 06: Got 'em, small arms and mounted weapons on vehicles.

Gunfighter 11: 06, bump up to altitude and acquire targets.

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, let's get closer.

Gunfighter 11: RPG. Twelve o'clock. I am marking it for you. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, use your hellfire.

Gunfighter 11: 06, breaking west.

Gunfighter 06: 11 at your back door.

Gunfighter 11: Twelve o'clock in the canyon. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, get on the target.

Gunfighter 11: 06, target effect. Charlie mike.

Gunfighter 06: 11, we're going to take another pass.

Gunfighter 11: 06, negative. Let's stay on mission and find the mortars.

Gunfighter 06: Roger. How are you on fuel?

Gunfighter 11: Not at bingo yet. Running about eight hundred pounds. Let's continue to acquire and engage these targets.

Gunfighter 06: 11, roger.

Gunfighters 終盤

Gunfighter 11: Shit! RPG! Eleven o'clock!

Gunfighter 06: Whoa! 11, you okay?

Gunfighter 11: Yeah, but I'm getting buzz in the pedals now.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I have targets everywhere. We need to drop altitude.

Gunfighter 06: 11, roger.

Gunfighter 11: RPG!

Gunfighter 11: Come on! I'm getting peppered!

Gunfighter 06: Coming around.

Gunfighter 06: Wait for it...

Gunfighter 11: Fire!

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, we've get squirters. I'm breaking left. Clean 'em up.

Gunfighter 11: RPG! Take that position, I am marking it for you.

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, take the shot.

Gunfighter 11: 06, nice placement.

Gunfighter 11: We have squirters down below!

Gunfighter 06: Come back around, Hawk. Light 'em up!

Gunfighter 11: RPG! Get that guy! One o'clock!

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, I'm gonna thread the needle. Get on the trigger. 11, get a laze on that position.

Gunfighter 06: Coming around clockwise.

Gunfighter 06: Hit that mortar position on the right!

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, hellfire.

Gunfighter 06: Great missiles, Hawk! Looks like we have a few aquirters. Let's take care of them and move out!

Gunfighter 11: We've got dismounts on this ridge!

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, we've got squirters. I'm breaking left. Clean 'em up.

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, going over again! Clean them up! Going low!

Gunfighter 06: Breaking right!

Gunfighter 06: 11, do you have targets?

Gunfighter 11: Negative. They're wasted. Position eliminated.

Gunfighter 06: Then let's not stick around.

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, we are moving out. Let's RTB to Texaco.

Gunfighter 11: 06, WILCO. We are definitely in bad guy land. Stay close.

Gunfighter 06: What the fuck?!

Gunfighter 11: RPGs! Air burst! Shit!

Gunfighter 06: Breaking right!

Gunfighter 06: 06, no joy! Where are these guys?! Do you have visual?

Gunfighter 11: Hawk, there! Twelve o'clock! RPGs! Engage! Engage! Come on!

Gunfighter 06: Target acquired, take the shot 06!

Gunfighter 06: What the fuck?!

Gunfighter 11: RPGs! Air burst! Shit!

Gunfighter 06: Breaking right!

Gunfighter 06: These is a lot of activity here.

Gunfighter 11: Hawk! Vehicle! Eleven o'clock!

Gunfighter 06: Mortar behind those rocks! Take out that cover--

Gunfighter 11: Triple A! Two positions! Twelve o'clock! Going over the top!

Gunfighter 11: Hit 'em with rockets, Hawk!

Gunfighter 06: Take out the Triple A! Rockets! Rockets!

Gunfighter 11: Going over top! Put some rounds down there, Hawk!

Gunfighter 06: 06, breaking right.

Gunfighter 11: Roger, head on, breaking right!

Gunfighter 06: I have eyes on the mortar! Going to designate it for you.

Gunfighter 11: Good mail. Hawk, take the shot.

Gunfighter 11: Mortar position behind those rocks! Hit it!

Gunfighter 06: Great burst, 06! The position is destroyed!

Gunfighter 11: Roger. That's good because, we almost melted the barrel.

Gunfighter 11: Bagram, Gunfighter 06.

Bagram: Go ahead, Gunfighter 06.

Gunfighters 任務