メダル オブ オナー ヴァンガード - Medal of Honor: Vanguard



  • Husky
  • Neptune
  • Market Garden
  • Varsity
  • 勲章入手条件
  • 武器パーツのありか



Market Garden



勲章名 入手条件 アワード
Campaign Medal Complete all Husky campaign levels.  
Bronze Stars Complete a mission without dying. Spring Recovery Bonus
Silver Star Complete Campaign without dying. Health Recovery Bonus
Wings Land in designated drop locations.
WWII Victory Medal Collect all medal in campaign.
Oak Leaf Earn any 7 medal within the campaign. Overall Health Bonus
Weapon Expert Use every weapons within a mission.
Marksman Award Obtain 10, 15, 20, or 30 headshots within each mission, depending on the campaign.


Mission 1 - Weapon Upgrade
Parachute onto the western cliff and look for the upgrade adjacent to the boxes, near the searchlight.

Mission 2 – Weapon Upgrade
Look for this upgrade on the counter of a small building at the entrance of the courtyard.

Mission 6 – Weapon Upgrade
Parachute into the western tower (the one emitting green gas) and look for the upgrade on the top floor.

Mission 10 – Weapon Upgrade
Inside the tunnel after the first 88, the upgrade can be found behind a box at the end of the first corridor.