?: Clear!

?: We got him!

?: Rabbit! Get Rabbit free.

?: Rabbit. Let's get him up.

?: Let's fucking furry up, guys!

?: Rabbit's lost a lot of blood, we need to get him out of here.

Voodoo: Jimmy, Voodoo Jimmy, this is Voodoo!

?: Fuck. Comms not working in here!

?: Come on!

?: Let's fucking go! Let's go! We're almost there.

Voodoo: Jimmy this is Voodoo.

?: Go Voodoo.

Voodoo: We've got Mother and Rabbit! We are moving back to Prowler's LZ! WE need extraction now!

?: Way to go. Keep it up, Rubbit.

Jimmy: WILCO. Get to the LZ, Voodoo. We have visual.

Voodoo: Rabbit's really fucked up! We're gonna need CASEVAC for him!

Jimmy: Roger that! Get to the helo, they have secured the perimeter. That is your extraction point.

Voodoo: Roger, Jimmy.

?: Put him here.

Sergeant Patterson: How's he doing? Hey, Rabbit hang in here. We got you. We got you.

?: Damn, this cabron is really tough.

Mother: Jimmy! How are we on that extraction?

Jimmy: Mother, we are working on it.

?: Doin' good, brotha. You're doin' good... What the fuck, Mother? Where is our extraction?

Mother: Jimmy, Rabbit is bleeding to death. Where the fuck is the extraction?

Colonel Drucker: Mother, this is Colonel Drucker. Nightstalkers are on the way. They are coming from Kandahar.

Mother: Well, that's not going to fucking work, Rabbit is hanging on by a thread.

Colonel Drucker: He's a warrior. He's gonna make it, Mother. They're en route.

Mother: Fuck!

?: Hang in there.

Voodoo: He's gonna be okay, he's gonna be okay...

Voodoo: What's the deal?

Mother: We have to wait. Birds are coming from Kandahar.

Voodoo: No. No, no.

Voodoo: Jimmy, Voodoo. What the fuck is going on? Rabbit's gonna die if we don't get off this fucking mountain now.

?: You're akmost there, brotha. you're almost there. Hang on.

Prowler 04: Neptune One, Prowler 04. On approach to LZ in grid 201889. Proceed with SITREP regarding enemy dispositions near LZ.

Mother: Prowler 04, Neptune One... no enemy! The LZ is ice! Say again, the LZ is ice.

?: We're losting him...Rabbit... Rabbit...

Prowler 04: Bagram CASEVAC complete. Eight heroes aboard.

Bagram: Roger, Prowler 04. Be advised, fast movers inbound for airstrikes.

Prowler 04: Prowler 04 rogers. Bagram they weren't lying, they killed everyone up here.

?: Make sure of it.

Bagram: Roger that, fast movers inbound, sir.

Bagram: Clash 01, escort Prowler 04'S egress.

Clash 01: Bagram, WILCO.

Bagram: Genghis 05, Bagram, engage Killbox One Alpha. Take all guidance on this push in the green...

Genghis 05: Bagram, Genghis 05 rogers. Bomb's away. TOT ten seconds.

?: This isn't how this ends.

?: No. It isn't.

Warriors are born from loyalty, love of neighbor and country, and a desire to protect and safeguard. Their actions are precise, principled determined, and committed to act selflessly for the benefit of others.

To those men that make every sacrifice to become what they are.

For Honor. For Country. For Brother.

Afghan #1: Thirteen days here already. If he's here. He's got to show himself, don't you think?

Afghan #2: Yes.

Afghan #1: At least the tea's good. Remember that place in Jacobabad?

Afghan #2: Wait. Here we go.

Afghan #2: Brown shernagn. Middle of the street.

Afghan #1: Is that our guy?

Afghan #2: Yep.