Gunfighter 11: Uh, Gunfighter 06, I need you. Where'd you go?

Gunfighter 06: We are coming back around by that bridge. Targets on the right, Hawk.

Gunfighter 11: Good, because I got guys coming out of huts, trucks, rocks-- it's a goddamm jamboree down there.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you are taking damage. Don't go over the village, stay on the periphery.

Gunfighter 11: 06, forget the targets, just go hot on the whole damn village.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you are too low.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you're blocking our shot.

Gunfighter 11: Shit! RPG!

Gunfighter 06: Damn. 11, you okay?

Gunfighter 11: Affirmative. I'm operational.

Gunfighter 06: Whoa, that was too close. We got targets at eleven o'clock.

Gunfighter 06: 11, we've got squirters out of that hut.

Gunfighter 11: 06 tally. Engaging.

Gunfighter 06: 11, another RPG! Get that guy.

Gunfighter 11: This is cold? There are targets everywhere.

Gunfighter 11: Great burst, great burst. Tango uniform. What is going on here?

Gunfighter 06: Whoa, there's your answer. This was an ammo dump.

Gunfighter 11: 06, we have a few squirters.

Gunfighter 06: Tally. Hawk, get 'em.

Gunfighter 06: 11, you're smoking pretty bad.

Gunfighter 11: Yeah, that last RPG thwacked us pretty good. I have a master caution and negative thirry millimeter, say again, no gun.

Gunfighter 06: What's your pucker factor? We still have active targets on "The Whale."

Gunfighter 11: I've got noticeable shake in the controls, but it'd be a shame to BTR with those targets.

Gunfighter 06: What are you thinking?

Gunfighter 11: Well, your gun is operational. Let's try hunter killer.

Gunfighter 06: That's training exercise. These are real world targets.

Gunfighter 11: It's simple. I mark targets, you kill targets. Just mark sure you do it on the first pass. I'm almost at bingo.

Gunfighter 06: WILCO.

Gunfighter 06: 11, switching to TADS. Let's sync weapons.

Gunfighter 11: WILCO. Switching to TADS.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I have target. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: 11, good mail.

Gunfighter 06: That's a mortar crew.

Gunfighter 11: Let's gto get 'em.

Gunfighter 06: Roger. Backing out of TADS.

Gunfighter 11: 06, I am single engine. Going low.

Gunfighter 06: 11, I am four roter discs behind you. Seach for targets.

Gunfighter 11: Here we go! Targets-- eleven o'clock! Top of that ridge! Too close for hellfire!

Gunfighter 06: Got 'em, small arms and mounted weapons on vehicles.

Gunfighter 11: 06, bump up to altitude and acquire targets.

Gunfighter 06: Hawk, let's get closer.

Gunfighter 11: RPG. Twelve o'clock. I am marking it for you. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, use your hellfire.

Gunfighter 11: 06, breaking west.

Gunfighter 06: 11 at your back door.

Gunfighter 11: Twelve o'clock in the canyon. Check mail.

Gunfighter 06: Good mail. Hawk, get on the target.

Gunfighter 11: 06, target effect. Charlie mike.

Gunfighter 06: 11, we're going to take another pass.

Gunfighter 11: 06, negative. Let's stay on mission and find the mortars.

Gunfighter 06: Roger. How are you on fuel?

Gunfighter 11: Not at bingo yet. Running about eight hundred pounds. Let's continue to acquire and engage these targets.

Gunfighter 06: 11, roger.