Rail Slot

名称 画像 アンロックLVL 解説
Iron sight   RM:0 SO:0 S:0 Standard two component sight system whth superior visibility.
Red dot sight   RM:2 SO:2 S:0 Red dot reflex sight are quick and a step up from crosshair.
Combat scope   RM:6 SO:6 S:2 A telescopic sight for fast target acquisition over medium range.
FastShot         High end red dot reflex sight for quick target acquisition.
Sniper scope       S:1 A telescopic sniper sight for extreme range shots.
High power scope       S:6 An improved scope with better zoom used by veteran sniper.

Barrel Slot

名称 画像 アンロックLVL 解説
Stock barrel   RM:0 SO:0 S:0 Standard issue barrel and breaks for a balanced performance.
Sappressor   RM:4 SO:4 S:7 Trading range and damage for stealth you avoid being spotted when firing.
Rangefinder       S:4 A laser rangefinder attached to the barrel gives exact lange measurements for extreme shot.
Muzzle break   RM:7     A recoil compensator that trades damage and range for accuracy.
Laser sight     SO:7   ser sight improves accuracy but the laser is visible to the enemy.

Base Slot

名称 画像 アンロックLVL 解説
Standard clip   RM:0 SO:0 S:0 Regular clip with balanced performance in range, damage and accuracy.
Extra clip   RM:1 SO:1 S:1 An extra clip of ammunition can make the difference.
HP ammo   RM:5   S:5 Hollow point bullets trade shorter range for extreme wounding capabilities.
Slugs     SO:5   Single, heavy slugs for shotguns can drop any get but sacrifices the spread of buckshot.